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Brightstar Beginning Early Learning Center offers before and after school programs for children when the school year is over. We acknowledge the fact that a school-age child becomes more independent and more competent physically, intellectually and socially.

Kids ages 6 to 12 years old are often eager to have achievements in the social and academic aspects of their lives. They are willing to expand their world and their knowledge of it. They look for new challenges in life, foster close friendships and may even be ready to take in responsibilities.

Through our programs, we provide enriching and fun learning opportunities for school-age kids who are becoming more mature as days go by. These opportunities include before and after school care, emergency or backup care for school closings and holidays as well as summer day camp programs for kids aged 12 years old and below. Kindly get in touch with a local center to find out which before and after school programs are available.

Schools Out Child Care Program
Our SchoolsOut program is a before and after school care program which promotes balance between study time and play time. Kids are able to learn while playing and finish their homework while engaging in physical activities. School-age children can take advantage of these programs so they can while away the time between school and their parents’ work schedules. We can render full-time child care during their school breaks and even summer vacation, as well.

At this stage in the children’s lives, they wish to know more about themselves, pursue certain interests and discover who they really are. They are often excited to take opportunities to learn new things, perform acting and drama, know more about computers and even use their imagination to build imaginary worlds using recycled materials. Our SchoolsOut program satisfies a child’s desire to challenge himself or herself and explore his or her expanding world.

Learn more about our before and after school programs by calling us at 206-556-8101. If you want to get your child involved now, please proceed to our Enrollment page.