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Brightstar Beginning Early Learning Center offers Grow Fit, a comprehensive program that encourages children to develop healthy habits concerning good nutrition, balanced diet and physical activity early on. With this program, kids are able to enjoy a healthy life and avoid chronic diseases in their later years.

As members of Partnership for a Healthier America, we are continuously teaming up with the leaders in different industries for us to attain the Let’s Move! Child Care standards. Through our program, we hope to achieve the following goals:

  • Beverages: Water all the time. No sugar-sweetened drinks. For children aged two years old, 1/2: low- or non-fat milk.
  • Food: Fruits or vegetables in at least two meals per day. Meals are served family style. No fried foods.
  • Limited Screen Time: No more than 30 minutes weekly at school. A maximum of 1-2 hours/day of quality screen time at home. No screen time for kids who are aged two years old or younger.
  • Physical Activity: 1-2 hours daily, including outdoor play when possible.

In the U.S., there has been a significant increase in the health risks associated with poor food choices as well as physical inactivity. According to studies, one in five kids will be overweight or become obese by age six.

We serve meals and snacks that include a variety of healthy food choices. We also encourage kids to try new foods. You can sample them, if you’d like. Simply ask the school director.

If you have other questions, get in touch with us at 206-556-8101. To enroll your child, you can conveniently use our online Enrollment form.