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Facing big decisions, such as those concerning early education for kids, is part of your life as a parent. Parents know that it is our passion to nurture every child with a sense of joy, wonder and discovery.

At Brightstar Beginning Early Learning Center, we make use of research-based standards as well as evaluations to guide children in their discovery of the world. We also use six developmental domains as follows:

Cognitive Development

The mental functions and processes necessary for thinking, understanding various subjects like science and math, as well as making sense of the surroundings, can be improved.

Creative Expression

Your child can creatively explore music, drama, movement and the arts.

Executive Function

The skills needed to learn, like persistence, attention and self-regulation, can be developed.

Language and Literacy Development

Children will be able to convey their thoughts, emotions and ideas through writing, speaking and early reading capabilities.

Physical Development and Wellness

Your child will have the opportunities to follow a healthy lifestyle by enhancing their knowledge, stamina, strength and muscle skills.

Social and Emotional Development

Kids will be able to express and control what they feel towards others and develop positive relationships with them.

Our Approach To Learning: Creating Opportunities And Fun Moments in Your Preschooler’s Day

Every day, preschoolers explore the world by creating artwork, playing stimulating games and conducting safe science experiments. Through these, they are able to learn how to follow directions and develop key skills essential for learning success.

The Relation Between Purposeful Play And Early Education

We structure our activities with the six main development areas in mind. Children will enjoy these carefully designed activities each day.

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